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MNCG specialists are in contact with Lebanese authorities to preserve the Tyre Coast Nature Reserve

Lebanon, March, 2021
Multinational CIMIC Group (MNCG)operators, as part of the Sector West of UNIFIL, are supporting the Union of Municipalities of Tyre with urgent supplies of materials, necessary for the hundreds of Lebanese citizens who are working on cleaning the coasts of southern Lebanon, flooded with tens of tons of crude oil that threaten the "Tyre Coast Nature Reserve", an important natural oasis in the Cedar Country.
The CIMIC cell immediately contacted the local authorities in order to provide support to the Municipality of Tyre and the dozens of voluntary associations that intervened to clean the coast of oil from the sea.
In recent weeks, a consistent amount of Personal Protective Equipment, including disposable suites, gloves and masks, has been delivered by MNCG operators directly to the Reserve's director, Nahed Masayleb, in the presence of the Mayor of Tyre and the President of the municipalities.
The Tyre Coast Nature Reserve, with an expansion of over 380 hectares, is the largest sandy beach in Lebanon and is home to many important species of plants and animals, including the sea turtle and the Arab spiny mouse, including the ancient springs of Ras El Ain, known and used since the Phoenician period.


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