Numerous participants took part in the non-competitive running event organized by the Multinational CIMIC Group with the support of numerous volunteers.

Motta di Livenza, May 12, 2024. This morning saw the 3rd edition of the Multinational RUN, a non-competitive running event free of charge, promoted by the Multinational CIMIC Group in collaboration with ASD Atletica Mottense and with the patronage of the Municipality of Motta di Livenza.

At the event, over 500 participants were able to tackle the two routes, 5 and 12 kilometers respectively, at their own pace and without any time limit. Military families and civilians, led by the Commander of the Multinational CIMIC Group, Colonel Ugo Proietto, traversed the central and peripheral streets of the town. Symbolically sealing the bond between the Mottense territory and the Italian Army was the passage through the Mario Fiore Barracks, home to the 7th CIMIC Regiment/Multinational CIMIC Group, a NATO-affiliated, joint and multinational unit specialized in civil-military cooperation. It was not just a sporting event but, above all, a great celebration that represented a gathering for athletes and non-athletes alike, promoting values of brotherhood, friendship, unity, and sharing.

Upon completion, a symbolic award ceremony was held for those who completed the two routes in the shortest time.

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